XP in CS2 – How do you get XP in CS2

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CS2 is a popular first-person shooter game that requires both skill and strategy to win. XP, or experience points, is an important aspect of the game that players need to understand if they want to succeed. In this article, we will discuss how to earn XP in CS2 and provide tips on how to maximize your earnings.

XP in CS2 – How do you get XP in CS2

Ways to Earn XP in CS2

There are several ways to earn XP in CS2, each with its own formula for calculating XP. Here are the most common methods:

Competitive Matches

Playing competitive matches is the best way to earn XP in CS2. The formula for calculating XP in competitive matches is rounds won x 30. This means that if you win 10 rounds, you will earn 300 XP. A long competitive match with weekly bonus XP should grant a player close to 1600 XP per game. Short competitive matches have the same formula, but because there are less rounds to be able to win, you will be granted less XP overall.

Casual Matches

Casual matches are another way to earn XP in CS2. The formula for calculating XP in casual matches is final score x 4. This means that if your final score is 20, you will earn 80 XP.


Deathmatch is a game mode where players respawn after they die. The formula for calculating XP in deathmatch is final score x 0.2. This means that if your final score is 50, you will earn 10 XP. Usually players are able to achieve anywhere from 600 – 900 points in a deathmatch game.

Danger Zone

Danger Zone is a battle royale game mode in CS2. It does not grant a lot of XP, and the formula for calculating XP is unknown. It is speculated that your time being alive, combined with the amount of kills you make have the biggest impact on the total of amount XP per game.


Bonus XP in CS2

Bonus XP is an additional way to earn XP in CS2. You can gain bonus xp with something called “Weekly Bonus XP”.

Weekly Bonus XP

Every week, CS2 players receive a bonus XP multiplier. This multiplier increases the amount of XP you can earn in all game modes. The multiplier is reset every Wednesday.

Level up Rewards

Every week, players are able to receive a new Weekly Care Package. By gaining enough XP throughout the week and leveling up, you will receive a weekly care package. To level up in CS2, you will need a total of 5000 XP.

The first slot will always be a weapon case. The other 3 slots are reserved for skins and graffiti’s.

Reduced XP

As we previously mentioned, you can gain bonus XP through Overwatch and weekly bonus XP. Unfortunately, if you play a lot of CS2, you might see your XP gains start to reduce. Whenever you have used up all your bonus XP and normal XP (XP without any multipliers), the game will apply a negative multiplier to your total XP. This means that a competitive game would give you 400 XP without bonus xp, but because of the reduced XP, your XP will be multiplied by 0.5, granting you only 200 XP.

Reduced XP goes away at Wednesday, and you’ll be able to get the full amount of XP again.


Earning XP is an important aspect of CS2 that can help you level up your profile and earn rewards. By following the tips in this article, you can maximize your XP earnings and progress quickly through the ranks. Remember to focus on winning matches, completing missions efficiently, and participating in events to maximize your earnings. Additionally, take advantage of bonus XP opportunities such as Overwatch XP and Weekly Bonus XP to further boost your earnings.

XP in CSGO; Explained - CSGO Central


  1. How much XP do I need to level up?
    • You need 4,000 XP to level up in CS2.
  2. What is prestiging?
    • Prestiging is when a player reaches level 40 and chooses to reset their level to 1, earning a new medal in the process.
  3. How much XP do I need to prestige?
    • To prestige, players need an additional 200,000 XP beyond reaching level 40.


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